Cigarette Smoking and Pancreatic Cancer Survival
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Latest News blog post: Smoking Increases Risk of Developing, Dying from Pancreatic Cancer

    Journal: Journal of Clinical Oncology
    Institution(s): Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, and others
    Corresponding author(s): Brian Wolpin
    Pancreatic Cancer Action Network-affiliated author: Brian Wolpin, MD, MPH: co-PI, 2016 The Shirley Sadoff – Research Acceleration Network-2 Grant and PI, Precision Promise Clinical Trial Consortium site
    Major finding: Cigarette smoking is associated with increased incidence of pancreatic cancer. However, few studies have prospectively evaluated the association of smoking with patient survival. Cigarette smoking was associated with a reduction in survival among patients with pancreatic cancer.